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Honey bees are struggling to survive contaminated habitat, world-wide. Loss of European honey bees has a huge impact on the world’s food supplies. Local city and township governments and councils often receive fearful complaints about neighbors with bee hives. Restrictive ordinance may be passed. Beekeepers’ options then dwindle when it comes to keeping healthy bees outside of the realm of commercial pollination services. What might possibly break this downward spiral? A board game: Visualize World Bees ®

Remember the Days When Recycling Was a New Idea?

Before we understood the scope of our global waste products? The years before recycling when we burned our trash, left barrels of dangerous chemicals stacked at old dump sites, and we carelessly littered our highways? It seems as if recycling has always been with us but first we had to learn about the world’s waste problem and then we had to learn how to recycle, first as individuals, then as families, as schools, churches, business organizations, universities, and finally as cities and states. Anaiis Salles,Visualize World Bees ® game creator and beekeeper, sees learning how to save our honey bees as a very similar learning process.

“With honey bees predicted to become extinct in 2035, the best solutions to this global problem of contaminated habitat and honey bee immune system disruption is likely to come from our young people.

Let’s teach youngsters about the importance of bees to food security, linking the changes we’ll need to make to industrial agriculture with student’s growing into adult decision-makers in positions of power. The goal of the game is making sure there are enough healthy honey bees to feed 7-9 billion people, plus all the small animals which are also fed through the miraculous work of the honey bee. The premise of the game is that no one wins until we all win.

The game is involved, requiring strategy, but it’s great for family game night. When a school or a teacher orders the educational version of the game, the game comes with the option of an in-depth study guide suitable for grades 4 – 6, with advance play for middle-school students. It’s also an excellent resource for families who home school their children.”



Beta Test Sites Wanted!

In November 2012, game beta test sites are being scheduled for student play in public, private and charter schools in the Philadelphia, PA region. The game is scheduled for mass production near year’s end. Register to be a beta test site at your school!  Receive the in-depth study guide suitable for elementary students as a gift when you order your game.


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